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Swimming pool and plant room refurbishment

The Swimming pool

This pool had a vinyl Liner which was past its best days and was leaking.
Our customer decided to have the pool fibreglassed as opposed to a new liner and in the process
have new in-built fibreglass steps instead of stainless steel steps that had to be removed every time
the automatic pool cover was closed.

When the old liner was removed, the walls were smoothed out and all the old liner plastic fittings were taken off.
We then fibreglassed into the fittings to create a seamless and flat finish.

The Plant room

Our Customer asked us to change the sand in his filter as it was old, so we replaced it with crushed glass
and cleaned of the old calcium around the top of the filter. While the plant room was stripped out we also cleaned up the plant room floor and fibreglassed it
to bring back to life.

We also renewed and moved the pool valves to make them more accessible to our customer.

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