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Wet Rooms

Over the last few years in the UK the introduction of wet rooms have become increasingly more popular.

Waterproofing your project is by far the most crucial part of any wet room, as any leaks could cause damage to your property,

so having waterproof floors and walls is crucial.

Fibregalss (GRP) is ideal for waterproofing wet rooms and shower trays,
it can be tiled on to to achieve the finish of your choice.

Should the tiles or grout breakdown, underneath would be a watertight grp
lining saving i.e. your downstairs ceilings.

Fibreglass Tanking and Waterproofing

Underground tanks formed from concrete or even wood can be lined with grp to form watertight and easy to clean holding tanks.

Split Tanks in Lofts can be relined with grp especially where tanks cannot be removed due to size etc.

The limits are endless for grp where u need to hold water for short periods of time or permanently.

Watertight Wet Rooms and Tanking